Strange Weather…When the Seasons (of Life) Seem out of Sync

Saturday morning, my husband and I had the strangest porch party. January felt like April. “Reminds me of that Glenn Frey song, ‘Strange Weather,'” I said. “How’s it go?”

“Something about dark clouds in the sky and wanting to cry,” Rick said.


 The warm air hung damp and heavy without the first hint of spring. Dead-looking tree limbs reached toward a gray sky. “From inside the house, you’d think it was wintertime,” I said. “But out here, it feels like spring. Like the seasons are out of sync.”

“Clyde sure is hanging close to us,” Rick said.

 “He’s sniffing the air like he senses a storm brewing.”


People came to my heart that we’d been praying for–some going through difficult seasons of life.

A couple dealing with infertility.

Friends with health issues…one starting chemo combined with radiation. Auto-immune illnesses. Depression.

Someone watching a loved one relapse into addiction.

Another, attending her great-grandchild’s funeral.

Sitting there in the odd January/April weather, I wanted some sort of sign (even something small) that God was still in control.

“Come here, buddy,” Rick said to Clyde. “Everything’s okay. Even if a storm comes, we’re not gonna leave you.”

My heart melted at his kindness. And at how Clyde seemed to listen so intently. Like he totally trusted his master.

I’m here, God seemed to say. Trust Me. Everything’s going to be okay. I won’t leave you.  I’m still God.

I reached for my coffee and started rocking, trusting, and praising again–like we do at porch parties.

Be encouraged, my friends. God’s with us. He loves us. No matter how strange the weather or seasons of life.






  1. Sandra Walker says:

    A huge encoragement!!! Life has not made much sense in a very long time. But I see that I have learned to starting rocking and trusting again and again. Still lots to praise Him for! I like that; seems comforting. Also, I really like the coffee mugs! 🙂

    • Hey, Sandra. No other way than to rock and trust and praise. Thank you so much for letting me know this touched your heart. My mother gave us our rooster dishes. I love them too!

  2. Pat Garczynski says:


  3. betsy whitehead says:

    Hi, Julie: I needed to hear this today. Yesterday I learned that my friend’s cancer had returned and that another friend is dealing with yet more health issues after some hard years. I am trying to trust in God and that He knows the big picture. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey, Betsy. I’m so sorry about your new news. No other way to live…..than to trust. I’ve tried the other way. Doesn’t work. :/

      Lifting your friends in prayer right now….

  4. Oh, I LOVE your pajamas parties. I get so jealous every time I read about it and see your pics! How precious…

    And yes, the past several years has seemed like one season of caregiving after another. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful that I can, but it sure keeps life up in the air and rarely going in the direction I think I’ll be going. But last night, as I lay in bed, talking to God about it, I realized how He has blessed me by leading me to a career of nursing that prepared me for this season. I thought I was retiring from nursing to do ministry, but now I see that I’ve simply changed jobs and doing ministry in a way I hadn’t imagined. 🙂

    • Oh, Vonda. I love that–your two careers/callings have blended into a new ministry. And with Him, you are so able!

      Aren’t those times precious when we are still and quiet–talking and listening to God.

  5. This may be my all time porch party God lesson…the visual of Ricky and the pup make me feel so taken care of by God. thank you J

    • Thank you, Robin. It moved my heart the same way–I felt the nudging…I’m here, take a picture. I’m with you. xoxo

  6. Rick said to Clyde, “Even if a storm comes, we’re not gonna leave you.” He could have been saying those words to me. Friends are there…family is there…God is there…during the storms of life. And they will never leave me. Thank you, Julie, for being there for me. Always. Love you.

    • Tearing up now, B.J. I love you too. Your friendship is so precious to me. We’ve been through some storms together, haven’t we. xo

  7. oh! Heart bursting!

    I watched “Night of Hope & Healing” last night & was broken again to hear Steven Curtis & Mary Beth Chapman tell these hurting people of Sandy Hook their journey of pain following a daughter’s death.

    Then this morning’s “She Reads Truth” was all about how the praises before our Holy God when we get to heaven will go on for eternity.

    Yes, such a short season this life is — whether giddy happy or wrenching sorrowful… Nothing can compare to the incredible “great porch party in the sky” that awaits us one day!

    • Melody. Your response. Wow. So rich and true and right. ANd the great porch party in the sky–have never thought of it that way. THANK YOU.


  8. Love this post, Julie. I love when you take us out on the porch with you and your sweet hubby. You always bless us with precious truth.

    Love and hugs,

    • Love you too, Lisa. Think how fun it could be if you and I were rocking and laughing and talking. And praying!

  9. Sooo needed to read this Julie. Thank you.

  10. Julie Gilleand says:

    Thanks for sharing Julie. As always, a great comfort and encouragement 🙂 I treasure the things you share from your heart so very much. God bless 🙂

  11. Hey, Other Julie! Thank you, my friend. So good to “talk” to you.

    Much love to you and yours!! xoxoxo

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