New Shoes, New Word, New Thoughts!

My word for the year, FOLLOW, keeps following me around. Several weeks ago, I fell off the treadmill at the YMCA. Bending over to tie my shoe, I forgot the ground was moving. Probably looked like a total idiot. Landed face down. Bumped my chin. Scrapped my knees and elbows. People rushed over. So embarrassing! Promised myself I’d never let that happen again.

One night last week, my husband Rick and I were going to the “Y.”  I have an old pair of worn-out tennis shoes and a brand new pair.

Here’s the bottom of my new shoes. Safe. Study. Great for treadmill walking.

Bottom of my old ones. Slippery. No arch support. Good for tromping through the woods with the dog.  

I was in a hurry that night. Not paying attention. Guess which ones I wore?

Stepping onto the treadmill, my feet flopped around like I was wearing house shoes. And then my right shoe came untied.

Oh, no. Not again.

Stubborn me–not wanting to lose precious work-out time, I didn’t pause the machine.

I balanced myself with my arms, jumped to the sides, and tied my shoe.

Just like before.

When I jumped back on, the treadmill was going full-speed ahead. Had to run like The Road Runner not to fall off.

 “You did this to be funny, didn’t you?” I said to Rick, who was laughing. “You made it go faster when I wasn’t looking.”

“No, silly. You were in such a hurry, you hit the high-speed switch when you jumped off.”

On the way home, I sensed God talking to me. Again.

Remember your word is follow.

Don’t live in such a hurry. That’s how you fall.

Slow down.

Follow Me.

Trust My timing. I’m never late.

Any more Road Runners out there?





  1. So gland you’re okay!!

    My problem is I tend to tackle too much at once and then get overwhelmed. God is teaching me to take baby steps. BTW, if you’re Road Runner, does that make Rick, Wiley Coyote?

    • HA! I just saw I wrote, so “gland” instead of so “glad.” You can tell my day job is medical transcriptionist, can’t you! 🙂

      • Yes, Marie. Rick is Wiley the Coyote. I love it! Can’t wait to tell him tonight.

        I thought about becoming a medical transcriptionist. Sounds pretty neat.

        Baby steps. Baby steps. REminds me of that movie, “What about Bob?” Loved it!! I’m going back to baby steps and maybe I won’t fall off the treadmill again!

  2. Pat Garczynski says:

    Love “FOLLOW keeps following me around.” Regarding your inspired Wednesday Blog, I am reminded of Isaiah 50:4 that says: “The Lord has given me (YOU) a well-trained tongue, that I (YOU) might know how to speak to the weary a word that will rouse them. Morning after morning (Wednesday after Wednesday) He opens my (YOUR) ear that I (YOU) may hear.”

    • Beautiful, beautiful words, Pat. Hadn’t paid much attention to that particular Scripture in years. I need to.

      Tearing up in praise right now, my friend.


  3. Haha. Sounds like some embarrassing moments I’ve had. Now, I need to FOLLOW your example of exercising and get ON my treadmill!

  4. Ahhh…the comfort of old shoes. Old habits. Old ways of thinking. The new ones are spiffy and shiny and glow with promise but we gravitate toward the comfortable. Been there…done that. Not the fall-off-the-treadmill part, but the comfort part. : o ) Thanks for sharing~!

    • So right, B.J. Comfort of old habits. So easy to slip into how I used to think/be.

      Glad you’ve never fallen off the treadmill like me. Love you.

  5. Oh, yeah. I move before I think and am always bumping into something or stumbling! You need some Sketchers like I’ve got. THey have elastic bands across then top instead of laces. I LOVE them!!! Discover Mills has an outlet for Sketchers. 🙂

    • Sketchers! Now that’s an idea, Ane. Maybe they would make me so aware of my big feet–and they are big–that I’d stop hurring, tripping, falling, and follow more easily.


  6. YES! Right now I’m running crazy and paying for it with a headache and doing everything half way…Good visual to help me remember-you falling off the treadmill :0

    • So glad my visual of falling is helpling you, Robin. 🙂

      Headache from hurrying. Good words. Good reminder. xo

  7. oh my!
    You certainly made me smile this afternoon!
    I don’t treadmill, at all… ever! And you’ve just reminded me why. 🙂 When I was a teen my parents teased & called me Grace. (for how I did not appear on the basketball court…)

    I love my morning walks with my love. Now that it’s dark I’m not as sure on my feet, but I follow him & the sound of his voice.

    Have a good week, Julie. Oh! and next time, could you video your mishap? Pure gold on YouTube! 🙂

    • Oh, Melody–so poetic the way you say that–morning walks with my love. And how you worked my FOLLOW word into your sentence…love the analogy.

      I’ll try to accomodate you so you can actually SEE my fall. I’ll give Rick my phone as we’re walking—though I have been thinking about a certain blog post that would involve me figuring out how to use youtube. Hmmmmm….thanks for the prompt.

  8. Love this, Julie. YES! I can relate. Precious…

  9. Janette says:

    You sure gave me a smile today. Great story and lesson you shared!

  10. Thanks, Dear Janette. If I can bring my readers to smile, laugh, or cry, I’m happy.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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