The Wall at the “Y”

Lately, every time I pass a certain wall at the YMCA, it tugs at my heart. This past Saturday, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I snapped a picture. I had to show you. 

Monday morning I rested my fingertips on my laptop keys. Such a magnificent wall. Thank You.

Lord, remember when I felt like quitting earlier this year? I fell into a deep dark hole of fear and doubt. What if I mess up? Don’t get it just right?

I ended up like Jonah in the belly of the whale.

I tried to quit writing. Decided to become a nurse. A hairstylist. A cashier.  Anything but write. 

I studied the picture of the big red wall.

Lord, You’re the Good Shepherd. So patient. You stayed by my side.

From my office loft window, I spotted a cardinal flit by the trees. He hurried on his busy way. You’re the Everlasting God.

I sipped my coffee. Whispered the words on the wall. Probed a little deeper.

When I felt stupid, You showed me Mercy. You didn’t give up on me.

You’re my Redeemer. The Name Above All Names.


There’s no peace without You. You’re my Prince of Peace.

More praises rose up. 

I can’t do life without You. You’re The Way, The Truth, The Life.

I can’t write without You. Can’t love without You. Can’t live without You.

You’re my Bread of Life. You’re every name painted on that big red wall and so many more!

Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant singing “Emmanuel.” Or “The Big Red Wall at the ‘Y’.” 🙂


 Is there a name for Jesus that stirs your heart?





  1. The names of Jesus…I don’t meditate on them as I need to. Thank you for placing His character/ His names into your circumstance…I’m going to do that too…

  2. Pat Garczynski says:

    FRIEND……..”I do not call you servants, I call you friends.”

    • Ohhhhh, FRIEND. I love it, Pat. We aren’t servants! Thank You, Lord. We’re FRIENDS. Beautiful word!!

  3. Vie says:

    Julie–I needed this blog this very morning, this very minute. Didn’t sleep a bit last night–tossing and turning, ready to give up writing and editing.

    • Vie, Vie, Vie, Vie.

      Last night, I prayed (knowing the blog would go live today)….Lord, let this encourage someone who’s ready to quit writing.

      And I don’t specifically blog to writers, but I am one. I know how many of us feel.

      I’m telling ya–writing/editing isn’t for sissies.

      My mother (also a writer) always says, “If you can do anything other than write, do it.”

      I’m praying for you. You blessed me. Thank you for letting me know this touched a spot in your heart, my friend.

  4. Brenda Greene says:

    Don’t Stop Julie Girl….you are inspiring SO MANY of us!!
    The word for Jesus that stirs my heart? Prince of Peace for sure!
    Gracious thanks and gentle peace my Sweet Friend! Brenda

  5. Emmanuel–God with us. Not with just the guy who can create beautiful melodies with the strum of his guitar. Not just with the woman who can take a scrap of fabric and design a look suitable for a magazine. Not just with the talented, the lovely, the intelligent. But with all of US. The broken. The needy. The desperate. He’s with the ones who need to be reminded daily, like me, how we have a purpose and that we matter to Him. Because we do. “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Joshua 1:5.

    • Marie, okay, I’m tearing up with your precious comment.

      ALL of US.

      Maybe even especially the broken. The needy.

      So beautiful, my friend.

      You ministered to my heart. THANK YOU!!! Yes, Yes, Emmanuel!

  6. I guess the name that is easiest to claim, no matter what I’m going through, is my Savior. I’m so messed up, so unworthy, so needy…and yet He died to save me. Because I needed a Savior. Because I’m too sinful on my own. I just can’t imagine.

    But what about the murderer, the child abuser, and the dictator who kills hundreds or millions? He died for them, too. I just can’t imagine.

    Jesus, my Savior, who takes away the sins of the world.

    • Amen, Vonda.

      SAVIOR. His blood covers all of our sins.

      I think my sin of pride could very well be the ugliest of them all.

  7. Yes, there is a name for Jesus that stirs my heart, and it’s the word you wrote right after that sentence: Love. And then you wrote another word: Julie.

    Jesus is in the love of everything we cherish in this world. And one of the wonderful things I cherish is friendship, especially with you.

    Many blessings for a happy and Merry Christmas.

  8. Julie, I look forward to reading your blogs. You have a gift as a wordsmith that would be sorely losst if you didn’t at least post your blog. Love shines through your words.

  9. I love to pray the names of God, but my favorite are Adonai: Lord and Master and El Roi: the God Who sees me. My Master sees me. He knows my name, my thoughts, my fears, and my failings. Yet He continues to love me. That leaves me without words big enough to praise Him. 🙂

  10. Julie, once again you have said what was in my heart and mind! Thank you, dear sister!

  11. Healer (thank God) Faithful and True (even when I’m not) Redeemer (Hallelujah!)
    He is so beautiful! Love Him!

    Love you Julie,
    Alisha oxox

  12. Sandra Walker says:

    Thank you, Julie! Every comment expresses just what I want to say. Your writing means more to me than you can know. You and your mother have a special gift! She helped me so many days and now your blog is the best! I will combine two names to say Love With Us!

  13. Yes, Sandra. Love With Us. Perfect, my friend. Thank you~

    Your comments made a home in my heart.


  14. Shelley Elaine says:

    I have thought and thought about this post – for over a week now – and I finally have mine: Redeemer. “I know my Redeemer lives” So thankful

  15. I’m now singing the song, “I know my Redeemer lives!” Love that name, Shelley! xo

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