Message in the Morning Glories

I’ve always felt sorry for morning glories.

I discovered them when I was four years old. I’d gotten up early one morning and tiptoed outside. The purplish-blue flowers covered our front porch–so pretty, I ran and woke Mother. The blooms climbed the strings just as she’d intended, all the way to the top of the porch like Jack in the Beanstalk.

We sat enclosed in an enchanted garden.

“Morning glories are fragile,” Mother said. “They can’t take the heat.”

Poor flowers. I felt so sad for them.

Sure enough, right before lunch, their violet heads drooped, colorless and wilted. Mother told me they’d be back the next morning, but I didn’t believe her.

How could they? I’d watched them die.

Doubtful, I woke early the next day and slipped outside to the porch.

How could it be? There they were again. Waiting for me! In all their glory! I ran my finger along their velvety petals.

Now, almost fifty years later, my husband called me out to the garden last week. “Well,” he said grimly. “The morning glories finally won. They took over the garden.” He stooped to pick a few tomatoes and jalepenos. Somehow the delicate flowers had outshined the green beans, field peas, and cucumbers.

I knew I should be upset about losing the vegetables, but I wasn’t. I was proud of the determined little purple flowers!

They twirled around my heart as though they held a message.

What is it, Lord? Why am I rooting for morning glories? Why do I love them so much?

Because You relate to them, He seemed to say. Sometimes the flowers that appear the most fragile are the strongest. Like people. I’ve seen the discouragement in your heart. I will take that delicate dream you’d almost given up on it and make it strong. Trust Me.

Praying for you my friends, and for your delicate, sometimes fragile-feeling dreams.





  1. Sandra Walker says:

    Oh my!!! That was just for me! Nobody, not even my husband of 42 1/2 years, knows how I love morning glories (only the Lord!). I went to bed last night so discouraged. Didn’t even think today is Wednesday. Just clicked on your blog first, as I always do, before checking email and FB. And there it was!!! A message from Him just for me!!! Isn’t he grand!

    • Sandra, Sandra. How your precious words blessed me. I’m telling you–His Still Small Voice is so easy to miss. I had the sweetest, most gentle feeling to write about my love for morning glories.

      Be blessed, my friend.


  2. Beautiful example of how God draws our hearts in to His promises. Thanks Julie! Just because we may not look like others expect we are much stronger and more beautiful than even we can believe. But we will show His beauty just as He has planned for us at the intended times. Blessings and thanks!

    • Perfect words, Tom “We will show His beauty just as HE HAS PLANNED FOR US AT THE INTENDED TIMES. WHEW!! Good stuff. Thank you, thank you. Blessings on your writing.

  3. Oh my Julie…that delicate dream. Perfect and needed xo

  4. Julie Gilleand says:

    Thanks for the uplifting message Julie. I have had so many fragile dreams and so many were stepped on or choked of life. I have one or two left and they are hanging by a thread. It’s good to be reminded that where I am weak, He is strong 🙂 God bless!

    • Julie–such beautiful words you wrote. That’s exactly how some dreams feel, like they’re hanging by a threat. Praying for your fragile-feeling dreams–that He will make them strong. So much love to you, and thank you so much for writing.

  5. Aww, Julie. I love morning glories, too! Always have, but when I married a farm boy, he told me they were kissing cousins to perennial morning glories, which in farmer lingo is “bind weed” and the bane of farmers. So now, I secretly love the garden variety and am glad they’re hardy. Keep those dreams, Julie! You are amazing!

    • You know Carla, as I was working on this blog, something kept telling me morning glories were weeds. I think I knew “the truth” about them, but I decided, shucks. I’m going to write about them in all their GLORY.

      P.S. Maybe that’s why my husband seemed so annoyed that they’d “ruined” his garden. But not me. 🙂

  6. Watching with great expectation to see what God does with your dreams! (and can’t help but love a flower with the word GLORY in it’s name!)

    • Hugging you from Georgia, Kellie. Thank you for believing and praying. Right back at ‘cha! Love you, my friend.

  7. I had morning glories at my last house. I will plant them at the new house. Thanks fir the reminder! I love the idea of their STRENGTH!!!!

    • Right, Pinky. They’re strength! And I’d forgotten about the strings my mother used for them to grow on. Be sure and help them along. 🙂 Thanks for reading and writing! xoxoxo

  8. I got duck bumps reading your blog this morning. Morning Glories…folding in upon themselves, sheltering themselves from the heat, retreating from the harshness of reality. Kind of like us, when we don’t want to do something, are afraid to do something, are fearful of failure or even of success.

    Then what do those Morning Glories do the next day? They pop open again, face the sun, bolding proclaim they are here and they are not afraid, even if only for a short while before they fold in upon themselves once again.

    That’s us, too. I go in spurts, having the fortitude to open myself up, to boldly go where God wants me to go, to proclaim my gifts and share them with the world. It’s scary, and I often fold up, but then I pop open again, just like the Morning Glories. Just like you do, too. We’re two peas in a pod, or two Morning Glories on the vine. Move aside tomato plants and cucumbers and beans. Here come the Glories!

    • Love your words… and Julie’s words, too. Much needed reminder that I am normal. Ever feel like you’re not?

      The dreams God has planted in my heart do get trampled at times. And I get discouraged. BUT GOD has good plans and I have a purpose in life.

      This post and your comment are just perfect today. Thank you both! Thank you, God.

    • Happy tears reading your precious words, B.J., friend of my heart–who knows me so well. 🙂 Your response should be, no, it WILL BE printed up.

      Hey, Erica. Ha! Me feel like I’m not normal??? Pretty much daily, but really, who likes someone who’s perfectly normal all the time. That’s no fun. I’m whispering a prayer right now for that dream in your heart–that He will grow it in His timing. Much love, and thank you both.

      It always, always blesses me to know that when I write from my heart, it reaches hearts.


  9. Lynne Gentry says:

    Oh, Lord. Help me to be Your morning glory! Thanks for the beautiful reminder, friend.

  10. Dolores E. Green says:

    Thank You Julie for such a beautiful and insightful message behind the morning glories. It is a message we can all relate to on some level.

    Thank you for inspiring me today.

    Dolores ♥

    • Oh, thank you sweet Delores. Means soooo much to that you wrote. Blessings, my friend. And I want to learn to make hearts like you did after your name!

  11. Oh, Julie. Love this. Thank you for hearing God’s message and sharing it with us. I’m deliberately growing my own little glory garden, too. Much love, Bev

    • Hey, Dear Bev. “Deliberately growing your own little glory garden.” Ohhhh, how I love those words. It’s a slow process, isn’t it. Takes a lot of work, and sometimes a few tears.

      From one writer’s heart to another–I love you.

      Thank you for reading and writing.

  12. What a beautiful garden! Even in this heat, my bindweed crop is growing enthusiastically! Praise the Lord who can recycle and repurpose and reuse us for His glory!

    • Hey Cathy,
      So true–using our gardens for HIS GLORY…even when they don’t turn out exactly as we’d planned, He has a purpose.

      Thank you so much for reading and writng, my author/ gardening friend!

  13. So lovely, Julie. Thank you…

  14. Thank you, Shawnelle. Miss you!! xoxo

  15. What a sweet story 🙂 I love your garden…it’s so cheery. It must be those morning glories! And on the bright side, I just have an old squirrel ruining my garden. What a blessing to have something so beautiful 🙂

  16. Isn’t it neat that the garden is cheery, even though it didn’t produce what we’d planted! And still, God had such a tender message for me. 🙂

    Thank you, Joanne. xoxo

  17. Julie, I’m reading this late due to the craziness of my week. What a joy to discover Sandra’s “this was for me” comment, especially after my Parting Words From The WORD post yesterday. 🙂 God is good!

  18. He is so good, Vonda. And so much wiser that I can begin to comprehend. He’s always, always ahead of me–even with my Type A self!

    Love you.

  19. Janette says:

    Beautiful! How many lessons God lovingly shows us if we are paying attention. Thanks for paying attention and sharing with us!

  20. So true, Janette. He speaks soooooo softly! Thanks for your sweet comment.


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