Hope Rushes in at Just the Right Moment

My husband and I always start our day out rocking on the front porch together. One morning last week during our Porch Party, I tucked the red fleece blanket around me and glanced at a particular tree near our house.

The scraggly tree looked like how I felt. Its bare limbs desperately reached toward heaven.

Kind of like me.

I’d been praying about several situations and nothing seemed to be changing.

Where are you God? Hello? Do you see me down here?

Two days later, we were driving down a street near our house. To my left and right, I spotted the first sweet promise of spring–new life blooming in our neighbor’s Bradford pear trees!

Right now, I’m staring out my loft window.

The same tree in my front yard still looks pretty hopeless.

From where I sit.

But when I look closely at the picture of it, through eyes of faith, I can barely see the faint outline of tiny buds beginning to form.

I guess they were there even in January. Sitting tight. Waiting on just the right time.

Maybe it’s a good thing some trees bloom a little earlier than others.

And some trees surprise us and dress in their finest later in the season.

A few of you have asked for prayer.

I’m praying.

May His answers arrive in His perfect timing, and bring Him glory.




  1. Wow, Julie, what a beautiful tree you posted. I’m going to use it for my wallpaper! I love trees! You know during the most spiritually barren times in my life (I noticed later) I gravitated toward lone trees and barren trees. I guess I so related because that was how I felt, alone and empty. Bare. And then when life took a turn and I started to come back to life again spiritually, I found myself at a yard sale buying a little plaque with a photo glazed onto it of a tree, not barren but with growth on its branches and behind it the sun was shining through the branches. A scripture at the bottom read, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). I realized I was now gravitating toward life instead of barrenness and that God had changed the season I was in. This is what your devotional/blog reminded me of. These days I’m in the lone barren tree stage again, but it’s nice to be reminded that Spring is surely coming soon! Thanks so much for sharing and God bless 🙂

    • Hey, Julie! Love, love, love your thoughts. What a perfect scripture too.

      Amen, my friend. Spring is surely coming soon. Thanks, sweet friend.

  2. Dear Julie,

    I love it when the sun shines. I love when the air sparkles with promise. But there are days when the sun doesn’t shine and the air feels leaden. But guess what I figured out? The sun is always shining. We just can’t always see it. Sometimes it’s behind the clouds. Sometimes the sky is so dark and roiling with storms that we even wonder if it will ever come out again. But it does. It shines and the air sparkles once more.

    Like your trees that are barren and then burst forth with blooms in their season. The blooms are always there, hidden and waiting. Our faith brings us to “see” them even when our eyes cannot.

    Love your way with words, Julie. Love that you share your world with us. Thank you.

  3. Ohhhhh, you’re right, B.J. The sun is always shining. I love what you said! And the blooms are ALWAYS there. Hidden.

    Thank you, my friend. xoxo

  4. Barb King says:

    Word in season for me Julie…beautiful

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