Love From a Yellow Lab Named Clyde

I didn’t expect to fall in love so fast.

We’ve always had dogs, but I’ve never been a real Dog Person until now. Meet Clyde.

We got him when he was six weeks old. Here he is on his first night at home with us. Look at that face! All those precious wrinkles~~~~

Here he is under my husband’s arm. 🙂

Clyde is now fourteen months old, and even though he’s a typical puppy, there’s something special about him.

He’s completely loyal. So faithful. He just wants to love and be loved by us.

The other day my mother came over and I put him outside for a few minutes.

“Won’t he run away?” she said.

“Watch. You’ll see.”

Clyde stood at the sliding glass door with his eyes fixed on me.

Look at that humble body posture. He’s quietly begging to come back inside.

Clyde knows we have woods near our house. Surely he hasn’t forgotten the little creek at the bottom of the hill…the squirrels he could chase…the sound of the barking dogs down the street.

But that’s not what he wants most of all.

He wants to be with me.

Maybe I have something to learn from Clyde’s amazing loyalty.

When worries and distractions clamor for my attention, I should keep my eyes fixed on God.

“Looking unto Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith…” Hebrews 12:2 (ASV)

Has anyone else learned a sweet lesson from your pet?




  1. Great message and photo’s! Although I have not been a pet person…I have witnessed what these loving and loyal friends bring to their “masters”. There is a deep bond and many needs met on both sides of this relationship. And yes, lessons to be learned. Thanks, Julie!

  2. I’ve learned more from my animal friends than my human friends! My pups live to love…Reba-the-cat has learned to trust us though she came from a rough background…
    I love your Clyde…but the worrier in me has to say: watch him close in the coming months in case your boy gets a case of spring fever and runs until he’s lost…okay. I feel better now. I just want Clyde always with you because you love him so. xo

    • Oh, yes, dear sweet Reba. She’s learned a life lesson–all because sweet Robin cared enough to take her into her heart and home.

      Yes, ma’am. I’ll keep a close eye on “my boy.” 🙂

      xoxo to you too!

  3. Julie, I loved this! I have a very faithful twelve year old Labrador named Sheba and a two year old Chihuahua named Posey. I love my Lab and I’ve loved all my dogs I’ve had in the past. But this Posey, she’s quite the character. She stays by my side all day long and sleeps under the covers at night. We play hide-and-seek and she always finds me–in fact, she whines like crazy and runs all over the place hunting me down until she finds me and then she scolds me. She only loves on the other members of my family when I’m not there–with the exception of my twenty-one year old daughter, who Posey will snuggle up in a blanket with regularly. Oh and she becomes my husband’s best friend when he’s eating cheese. 🙂

    • Sherri, what a lover Posey must be! She just adores you–loves the ground you walk on, and the bed you sleep in. 🙂 And I bet Sheba is a sweetie pie too. Thanks for understanding and commenting~

  4. A powerful reminder, Julie. I love that. It’s funny, Shadrach came into my office a few minutes ago, and did his mumble-growl (his way of talking). I asked him what he wanted and told him to show me. He knows those words. But he didn’t go anywhere. I realized all he wanted was some love and attention.

    I’m thinking God is talking to me through him, telling me it’s time for our wuite time together. 🙂

    • What a precious reply, Friend Ane. Shadrach has the right idea. We all need a little love and attention. Even big ole Shadrach. Thanks so much for commenting!

  5. Labs are so faithful. They desire the closest bond with their people and, as Clyde is demonstrating, wear their emotions so clearly. Clyde is beautiful.

  6. You’re so right, Peggy. That’s it exactly!!! He doesn’t try to hide his emotions. That’s it! Thanks, my friend, and tell Kelly hey. 🙂

  7. julie seals says:

    Oh, JULIE! I am unDONE! How beautiful – especially with the photos!!!!! Thank you for piercing my heart yet again with your amazing, poignant insight that you glean from seemingly simple daily things, people, pets…..i just love you!

    • Julie says:

      Ohhh, thank you, Julie! That’s me–simple truth from simple things in life. Love you too!

  8. I echo what Julie Seals says above. “I just love you!” Me too!

  9. Love this post, Julie. You have such an eye for the sweet things in life.

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