A Simple Ordinary Sunday…Or Was It?

Last week at our porch party, my husband and I talked about Rick Bragg’s article in January of Southern Living Magazine, “The Fine Art of Piddling.”

Piddling is Southern slang for doing nearly nothing…slowly.  I want to learn to piddle. My husband and our yellow Lab Clyde know how.

Sunday morning I walked in the kitchen and found my husband drinking orange juice and chopping potatoes and onions for breakfast. He wasn’t hurrying or watching the clock to figure out when to start the bacon. Maybe he was piddling.

There’s something here, God seemed to say. Slow downDon’t miss the joy in little things.

You mean this? Cooking breakfast?

Everything. Stay in the moment.

I glanced out the window at the predawn light and considered throwing in a load of wash before I cracked the eggs.

 Be still.  Don’t rush.

I looked out the window again. Really looked.

I see it now. Thank You. The first light of dawn. It’s gorgeous.

After we ate, we left the dirty dishes and took Clyde on a walk through the woods–not the cardiac workout-type pace I usually do…

But a walk to notice beauty.

The way the sun plays off the trees.

The crunch of January leaves.

The red flash of a cardinal.

A walk of praise.


After our walk, I started soaking beans for supper. You can’t hurry beans. They know how to piddle. 🙂

We went to church.

Worship Me well.

As we began to sing, I  slipped my cold fingers into Rick’s warm hand.

Thank You. For someone to sit with in church. For today. This very day.

Sunday was so utterly simple.

But absolutely nothing about it was ordinary.

Slowing down, learning to rest, brings me to Praise.

I will bless the Lord at all times…” Psalms 68:19 (KJ)






  1. Wow, Julie LOVED this. What power and peace in piddling. I could feel the tranquility of bathing in the warmth of God’s light. THANK YOU!

  2. Anna Haney says:

    Loved it! I must admit, however, that here lately I find myself piddling more than I should. Have a wonderful day friend!

  3. Piddle all you want to, Anna. It can be such a good thing. xoxo xoxo xoxo

  4. Love this, Julie! You gave me rest in the middle of a very busy day. *Happy sigh*

  5. Thank you, my friend Lisa!! Been missing you. I love you!

  6. Can this be my favorite post you’ve ever written? I think so…I don’t know what to say, except that I LOVE every single word and the pictures they painted.

  7. I can’t believe it, Robin. I had so much doubt posting this….like, who’s ever going to understand. Thank you. I love you.

  8. Thank you Julie for a departure from the ordinary…it was thoroughly enjoyable.

  9. Roxann Crane says:

    Be still…. Don’t rush…. Stay in the moment; beautiful reminders and an exercise we could all use more of. I can even visualize these words on a t-shirt. lol Thank you Julie for helping to keep us on the right track with priorities in line. Be blessed my friend. (-:

    • We should make up t-shirts, Roxann…maybe if I wore it every day, I’d remember. Such a sweet lesson, though. Thank you! Much love!

  10. This is wonderful! I would like to learn how to piddle. I can’t be still. Or take my time. I am always in a big hurry it seems. Thanks for the reminder to SLOW DOWN and SEE> XO, Pinky

    • I’m smilng, Pinky. Surely we’re sisters. 🙂 But maybe, just maybe, we can become piddlers. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! xoxo

  11. Thank you Julie for this wonderful reminder. It helped me remember my word for the year, “balance.”
    To balance busy with piddling. (And I needed it RIGHT NOW as I was sitting here wondering if I should rest for a bit or keep working on a project I’ve been toiling over all day. You gave me my answer!)

    • Marcy, I hope you’re resting right now and not reading my response. 🙂 Yep, if we piddle, surely things become more balanced. Thanks so much for your kind words, my friend.

  12. Look at that lovely, big boy Clyde. He knows how to piddle. I think it comes in a dog’s genes. They race with the wind after a duck or a bird, but they melt into a soft, cushy bed or at the foot of a sofa and replenish and refresh.

    My Golden Lab Rex was the same way, and my diabetic cat Red taught me to mimic him and stretch out in a ray of sunshine every once in a while. That was incredibly soothing and refilled my soul.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience with us all, Julie.

  13. I’m laughing, B.J. You’re so right. You always are. 🙂 Piddling comes naturally for our animals, for sure. And maybe even for me too, one day. All my love.

  14. Clyde and Shadrach both know how to piddle. Me not so much. I need to practice, huh?

  15. You and me both, Ane. We need to practice. Thanks for reading~~~miss your smiling face and laughter.

  16. Geri Wilson says:

    Oh Julie, what a great blog today. I am Queen of the Multitaskers. Let’s see how many things I can do at the same time and FINISH! Even when I try to take a time-out and rest, my mind is guilting me into action. To piddle or not, is the current question…I will try! Loved the article and as always, I felt like you were talking just to me! LOL It seems as though everyone understood what you were trying to say, that’s REALLY good Miss Julie, REALLY GOOD! Have a wonderful week! Love you, Geri

    • Geri, you always, always make me smile. Whew! Thank you. So glad you understand and we’re kindred spirits. 🙂 Let’s both piddle a little today. 🙂 Much love to you and your family.

  17. arie says:

    Your husband must be so grateful for all the reflecting you are doing on your life and changes you are embracing. Through your posts it seems as if he has been patiently there while you explore things. How is your Mom?

  18. Hey, Arie. You’re right–my blogging has been such a sweet addition to our marriage. Mom is doing really well. Surgery is tomorrow at 11:30. Her fear hasn’t returned!!! Love to you and thank you, thank you for reading and commenting.

  19. I’d never heard that term before, piddling! Kelly piddles, but that’s a different kind of piddling. Anyway, I am learning also to slow down and be present in the moment. It is something that helps a great deal with fears and anxieties because it is helpful not to project all those “what if’s” if we are living in the moment.

  20. Yeah, Peggy, I wondered if anybody would think of that kind of piddling. 🙂 This kind, is definately a Southern thing. So true, living in the moment helps big time with fear!! For sure! Thanks for reading and commenting my friend. xoxo

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