My One Word for 2012…Over and Over Again

Friday morning my husband and I had our porch party. I wrapped the red fleece blanket around me and sipped my coffee.


“Lots of people pick a word for the new year,” I said. “You know, this year my word was courage.”

“Um-hmm. That’s a good one.”

“What word would you pick for 2012?”

It didn’t take him two seconds to decide. “Relax. Have more time to rest.”

“I like that. My word is surrender. Want to switch with me?” I said halfway kidding. Halfway not.

I’d found it the day before.

My Utmost for His Highest, by Oswald Chambers. December 22.

Here’s what Oswald says… “There must be a SURRENDER of the will…I must SURRENDER myself completely to God.”

The word jumped out at me. The letters seemed ten feet tall. I put Oswald down and read from my other devotional books.

SURRENDER. SURRENDER. SURRENDER. I found it three times. Three arrows to the heart.

I hear You, God, but I don’t want that word, I scribbled in my journal.

It’s up to you, the gentle voice inside said.

I know all about surrendering. I’ve done it. What else do I need to surrender to You?

Everything, He seemed to say.

Your will.

Your future.

Your writing.

Your fears

Surrender is a big word.  I can’t see what’s behind it.

But I can. I’m the Light of the world. Open your hands. Let go.  

I can’t do this without you.

Of course you can’t.

I’m probably going to have to surrender some things over and over.

That’s right. Moment by moment.

Maybe Rick’s word and mine aren’t so different after all.



Not my will, but Yours be done…” Luke 22:42 (NAS)

From my BFF’s blog. Her word for 2011.

Bestselling author Debbie Macomber’s word for 2012.

Has anyone else picked out your word for 2012? We can share mine if you want to. 🙂



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  1. LOVE it! What a word Julie…what a glorious word that I’m guessing will bring you so many gifts in 2012!

  2. This one gave me duckbumps. I love the word “surrender” and I love the word “relax.” I think you are right — they mean the same. I’m going to borrow both words for 2012. Thank you!
    Hugs & love…

    • Borrow away, B.J.!! Honored that you’d like to have our words–and I never knew they were related. Love you,my friend.

  3. I’m working on finding mine. I’m praying about it. This will be the first time I’ve consciously chosen a word. But each year, God has chosen an area of my life to work on. Last year it was pride. So I guess I’ll have to see what He has for me this year. I sure hope it changes.

  4. Ohhh, pride. What a word, Ane. He’s brought that one to mind so many times. Daily, it seems. Let me know what your new word is….can’t wait to hear. xoxo

  5. Love your post and love your porch! And Ane, if we’re honest, each of us has to deal with pride, so believe me, you’re not alone! Duckbumps, B.J? Never heard that term! But I got exactly what you meant. 🙂

    Blessings, all…

  6. Oh, that is a scary and wonderful word. I had to use it when I needed surgery. I know you’ll be honoring God by honoring that word.

  7. Thanks, Meg. Yes, for sure, for sure, surgery requires that word. Both scary and so wonderful. Love you!

  8. Marie says:

    God must be telling you and me the same thing! I’ve never picked a word for the year and, for my first one, He gave me a doozie–release. As in letting things go out of my clinched hand and into His. Have a blessed New Year, Julie. I wish you much joy multiplied over and over and we “surrender” and “release” together.

    • Hey, Marie! I’m so relieved to be sharing it with you. I heard from another reader who also picked it. You’re right. It’s a DOOZIE for sure.

      So glad we’re walking this path together. Wait ’til you read tomorrow’s post….whew.


  9. Mary Lester says:

    I felt the Holy Spirit said this once to me
    when I was stressing out big time! “Relax into the plan…”

    “Yes, relax into the plan. I’ve got this!”


    Your Father God


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