Help for a Spirit of Rush

Over the years, my mother’s mentioned having a “spirit of rush.” Lately, I have it too.

The day before Thanksgiving, I raced through my to-do list. I checked off the post office, the bank, and hurried to the grocery story.  After I shopped, I planned to rush home, cook supper, decorate, clean the bathrooms, and write a blog post.

What to write about?

Thinking busy thoughts, I drove down two rows searching for a parking place. A man standing on the curb caught my attention. He wore khakis, a white shirt, and a brown sweater vest. Probably thirty-something.

He began inching his way across the parking lot. He couldn’t have hurried if he’d wanted to.

Lame in one leg, each step was quite an endeavor, but he never stopped smiling.  Clutching the side of his walker, he paused and looked my way.

He had a glow about him–almost heavenly. He held a bouquet of fall flowers wrapped in clear cellophane. The afternoon sunlight glinted off the shiny paper.

Never mind the effort his single purchase must have required. Or the time. He’d bought flowers for someone he loved. Greatly loved, no doubt.

Mesmerized, I waved him on.

Meeting my eyes, he tipped his head toward me. Thank you.

No, thank you!

As I watched him walk away slowly, gratefully, time stood still.

I noticed the magnificent color in the trees–the crisp air scented with chimney smoke.

The man’s contentment had somehow sailed right into my car.

My hurried heart settled down.

He brought Thanksgiving to me–a day early.

Maybe cultivating a spirit of gratitude in all things binds a spirit of rush.

“In everything give thanks….” 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJ)

(photo courtesy of all things heart and home.)




  1. Mike says:

    Thankful you paused long enough to capture the moment
    and share with us! Praying for pause and eye’s to see ~

    • Mike, it was almost as though God said, ‘Julie, slow down. This dear man has a message for you. Pay close attention.” Thank you so much for commenting. Love what you said….eyes to see.

  2. Robin says:

    love this Julie. God sends us messages in so many ways doesn’t He?

  3. Flowers. Such a simple gesture of love. Inexpensive. Easy to find. And the recipient is sooo happy upon receipt. I know I always am! I have to remember to give them to others.

    Thanks for the reminder about “stopping to smell the roses” — though you didn’t say it in that cliche way at all, I did get the picture. : )

  4. Lynne Rauton says:

    Hi Julie, we have a wonderful friend in common in Bishop, GA and she sahred your blog. I so needed to hear these words as the Holiday Season rushes by. Thank you for sharing.

    Lynne in Leesville, SC

  5. So beautiful, and it seems God is talking to more than just you. I’ve felt the “slow down and enjoy the journey” lately, too. I’ve even been baking cookies! Sugar free ones. And I’m looking for a gluten free one for our Seedwriters party. 🙂

    • Ohhh, Ane. You’re someone who’s mastered the “slowing down and enjoying the journey.” You take time to spend with so many of us. Wo-hoooo!! I might get GF cookies for our party!! So much love to you, my friend.

  6. Ree says:

    Such good words! Love your blog, Julie.

  7. Thank you so much, Ree. Love to you ! xoxo

  8. God is really speaking to be about my addiction to rushing. I realize I’ve developed the need to have a ful–no, an OVER-full–schedule. in order to fill normal. Any time of slowing down feels off, and I know that’s not the way I need to be.

    Thank you for the reminder!

    • Julie says:

      Loved your comment, Vonda. I soooo understand. Thanks for reading and writing me. I guess we’re soul sisters at heart ! xoxo

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