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~A little bit about me~

~My husband built our log cabin in the woods. Right before we moved in, he told me to close my eyes and led me upstairs. He surprised me with my own writing space–a loft overlooking the den.

~We have three grown children, and I love being a mama. Our first baby was born in 1981, and we didn’t become empty-nesters until 2016–that’s 35 years with at least one child living at home.

~My husband raises chicken in our backyard for fun–along with bobwhites, parakeets, and koi.

~We have a yellow Lab, a Morkie, and a calico cat.

~I’m an introvert (an INFJ) who can fake being an extrovert–when I have to.

~My favorite childhood memory is checking out library books.

~I love mornings.

~I’m an inspirational nonfiction writer working hard to become a novelist.

~I believe everyone has a story to tell, and I’d rather listen than talk.

~My mission statement: To bless, encourage, and restore hope to ladies–especially those who feel forsaken.


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