My prayer is that my words bring humor and hope…

Hope for those trapped in perfectionism and fear.

Laughter is good for the soul and brings ladies closer together. Playing dress-up, I portray “Julie the child,” and transform into ”Julie the young mother.”  With honesty and God’s help, I reveal ”Julie all grown up.”

Hope for those with depression.

In 1994, I experienced my own “dark night of the soul.” My struggle with depression brought me to my knees and tenderized my heart for  others who go through it.

Hope for those who’ve lost of a child.

Robbie, our third child, was born with anencephaly and didn’t survive. I made a choice to trust God during his birth and death. This didn’t mean grieving came easily, or that I had all the answers, but God remained faithful.

Hope for teenage girls and their moms.

Teenage girls are some of my favorite people. We’ve raised two daughters and I taught high school girls in Sunday school for years.  I believe each girl is desperately seeking to be loved unconditionally, the way God loves us.

Hope for marriages.

After thirty-something years of marriage, I’ve come to believe that cultivating a good marriage is a lot like tending a garden. Destructive weeds of pouting, unforgiveness, and nagging creep in if we’re not careful.

Quotes from previous churches:

“I thank God for the ministry of Julie Garmon. Her openness and transparency in sharing of her life experiences were moving and encouraging. Our ladies were blessed tremendously and I would highly recommend her to speak at any ladies gathering.”Cheryl Waters, Director of Women’s Ministry, Grace Baptist Church

“Julie, what a pleasure it was having you speak at our Mother’s Day Luncheon. Your testimony is powerful and inspiring. Many of our ladies, from the very young to the very old, have told me what a blessing you were to them. Even my 9-year-old granddaughter said, “Gigi, Jesus has really helped that lady.” She didn’t understand everything, but she got the message just the same. Gerry McKinney, Events Coordinator, Mt Carmel Christian Church Women’s Ministry

“Julie was amazing! She was so honest and real–and brought such great creativity into her presentation! So very prepared, and kept our group totally engaged–through tears and laughter blended our hearts together that night!” Leigh Anne Day, Director of Women’s Ministry for 8 years, Celebration Church

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