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I’m so glad you stopped by for a visit. I write from a loft in our log cabin in the woods. My husband built the cabin and surprised me with my very own writing room. Diamonds aren’t this girl’s best friend.

As a child, my favorite spot in the whole world was the library. My mother, Marion Bond West, instilled the love of words way back then. She taught me to feel a story before writing it, almost like playing an instrument by ear. For me, feeling deeply almost always leads to writing.

Since 2003, I’ve been blessed to be a regular contributor to Daily Guideposts. When life makes me laugh or cry, there’s a good chance it will transform into a devotional. In 2004, I won a spot to the coveted  Guideposts writers workshop. For someone to trust me with his or her story is an honor. I’ve been chosen to attend several Guideposts refresher workshops based on ghostwritten stories.

My dream is to become a novelist. I’m working daily at it–either on my computer or in my heart. My husband hung a clothesline in my office for me. I’m busy filling it with scenes jotted on colored index cards. And guess what? I’m even using those old-fashioned wooden clothespins. Oh, the joys of being a writer!

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